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Brian Boyd grew up in Huntsville Texas and graduated from Sam Houston State University. He and his wife Becky moved to Waco in 1977 where they raised their two sons. He also has five beautiful grandchildren, who are the apple of his eye. Brian was a State Farm Insurance agent for 41 years in the greater Waco area. Obviously,his passion is photography. He enjoys taking photos of wildlife, landscapes and people. Over the past years, Brian has been privileged to be able to photograph Air Force One and President Bush during his many visits to Waco .

People are always asking him what kind of lens and camera he uses. He has been using the canon products for many years now. The optics of his cameras and lens are very sharp and seem to always get him the result he is looking for.

He currently is using the canon 5D Mark 4 series, and the canon 1D X .He also uses the canon L series 100-400 lens for most of his shots. Occasionally he will use the canon 24-105 EF lens , and the EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L II for landscapes and wider shots.

Like any other wildlife photographer he has to contend with so many variables: bad weather, poor light, equipment break-downs, uncooperative subjects, and even other wildlife (snakes, skunks, cougars, bobcats, bear, moose, elk, buffalo and others. But when it all comes together and he comes home with even just one great photo, it makes all the effort worthwhile. It's like golf, all it takes is one good shot and you keep going back for more.

His desire is to display through his photography the beauty and glory of God , and that God is the creator of all ,both man and nature. All of nature is part of God's creation and nature testifies to God's existence .